San RafaelScb13-1250kva dry type transformerWhat are the main control systems described

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Generally speaking, the ignition emergency treatment method of oil immersed transformer is mainly to disconnect the oil immersed transformer, disconnect the switching power supply on each side, quickly invest the reserved oil immersed transformer and start the power supply system from scratch. Stop the operation of refrigeration equipment. Key oil immersed transformer ignition. When L-type oil immersed transformer and high voltage station oil immersed transformer are ignited, the generator set must be disassembled first.Wiring mode of dry-type transformer:San Rafael,It should be said that after the development trend of these years, and the quality level is no different from that of overseas goods& rdquo; The person in charge of the transformer Federation of China Household Appliance Industry Association said.Due to careless transportation of the transformer and the thin high-voltage conductor, the transformer was disconnected by vibration (but there was no grounding device).Obilic,Wiring mode of dry-type transformer:The whole process of hanging the core of dry-type transformer is more critical and there are many situations that the hanging core of dry-type transformer must pay special attention to. Therefore, the hanging core of dry-type transformer should be carried out according to the above matters, so as to promote the safety of dry-type transformer!In terms of the place of use, dry-type transformers are mostly used in & ldquo; Fireproof and explosion-proof type & rdquo; It is easy to use in large and medium-sized engineering buildings and multi-storey buildings; The oil immersed transformer because of & ldquo; Accident & rdquo; There is likely to be oil or leakage after fire,San RafaelEfficiency of power transformer, and most application places leading to fire accidents are easy to choose in large and medium-sized engineering buildings and multi-storey buildings;

San RafaelScb13-1250kva dry type transformerWhat are the main control systems described

Sound insulation treatment of main engine room the key to sound insulation treatment of dry-type transformer room is to start from three levels: window, ventilation and air exchange port and road surface, and apply sound insulation window, silencing cylinder, floating concrete floor damping pad and other sound insulation and noise reduction commodities to achieve sound insulation effect.Principle of step-up dry-type transformer: the step-up dry-type transformer is a component that correspondingly converts low communication AC voltage, small current and large characteristic impedance. When there is an AC circuit in the original coil, the communication AC magnetic flux will be caused in the transformer core (or magnetic core),San RafaelMaintenance price of oil immersed transformer, causing the magnetic induction voltage in the primary coil (or current).A specific part of dry-type transformer is the hanging core of dry-type transformer. The hanging core of dry-type transformer is a vital component. How to carry out the hanging core?High value,Oil leakage of heat pipe radiatorOil immersed transformer companyWhen oil samples are used, the safety and fire safety technical specifications on the spot shall be strictly implemented.

San RafaelScb13-1250kva dry type transformerWhat are the main control systems described

The insulating layer in the middle of the silicon steel plate is aging, the anchor bolt cover with the iron core is damaged, resulting in heat, temperature rise, and the aging of the insulating layer is accelerated. The core insulation compressive strength of power transformer must be measured on time and accurately. If it is found that the insulation compressive strength is less than the index value, please remove and replace the anchor bolt cover or carry out insulation for the copper core cable.Quality risk,In the whole process of transmitting electromagnetic energy in the power supply system it will inevitably cause the loss of voltage and output power. When transporting the same output power, the voltage loss is inversely proportional to the voltage, and the output power loss is inversely proportional to the square meter of voltage. The transformer is used to increase the voltage and reduce the closing damage.Dry type transformer is a common electrical equipment, which can be used to convert the alternating voltage of one standard value into another standard value of the same frequency. The step-up dry-type transformer is used to convert the low-grade alternating voltage into another high-grade alternating voltage of the same frequency. It is widely used in high-frequency industries, such as variable frequency power supply.In fact, ground wire is not only a kind of grounding protection. The following describes in detail that ground wire is the general name of grounding system. Ground wire is divided into protective grounding and safety factor grounding device. Among them, safety factor grounding device can be divided into grounding protection, anti electric shock grounding device and anti electromagnetic wave radiation grounding device. Protective grounding is to use it for loop to make the facilities achieve the grounding wire specified by the function.San RafaelThe hanging core of dry-type transformer is a vital partFault judgment of power transformerBefore application,San RafaelHow much is the oil transformer, the sampling container shall be cleaned with vehicle gasoline, soapy water or other organic solvents (such as trisodium phosphate) except oil stains, and then washed with tap water until it is not alkaline, and the water can be evenly distributed from the bottle, and then cleaned with purified water for many times. The cleaned sampling container shall be dried in a ℃ drying oven. After refrigeration, the bottle cap shall be tightly closed and cannot be opened before application.

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