ChakaritaPower transformerPrecautions for protective construction

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After sampling, bind the laminated glass stopper firmly with clean paper or cloth to prevent dirt and water from contaminating the bottle stopper.The switching power supply lacks one phase of power;ChakaritaTransformer manufacturers said that at this stage, China's energy-saving distribution transformer market is relatively scattered, coupled with the constraints of factors such as low threshold in the field, lack of evaluation and specifications, and inadequate technical innovation, resulting in slow marketing of energy-saving transformers.The long-term overload of power transformer will slowly cause the scalding and insulation aging of solenoid coil, two-color short circuit or short circuit on the ground, resulting in the ignition of power transformer. Therefore, the insulation compressive strength of power transformer shall be tested before installation and operation, and overload is not allowed in the whole process of operation.B é tar é Oya,In specific daily life, we have a certain understanding of the optical wavelength of oil immersed transformer. What kind of function does it have for transformer?Turn off the gate valve (butterfly valve) of the left and right tablet computers of the heat pipe radiator to isolate the oil in the heat pipe radiator from the oil in the tank, so as to reduce the working pressure and leakage. After the leakage location is determined, appropriate surface treatment shall be carried out, and then Fushi blue raw materials shall be selected for sealing treatment.The no-load impulse closing working voltage shall not exceed % of the working voltage marked on the gear of the transformer, the closing frequency shall be times, the delay time after power receiving shall not be less than min, and the time interval of each closing shall not be less than min.

ChakaritaPower transformerPrecautions for protective construction

What about oil immersed transformer fire?The equipment can eliminate the shortcomings found in the patrol inspection, clean the porcelain waterproof casing casing, remove and replace the cracked or brittle leather pad, check and tighten the node, replenish the oil with less oil, etc.The project cost is different. Compared with the purchase price of capacity transformer, the purchase price of dry-type transformer is much higher than that of oil immersed transformer.Range,What is the reason for the shutdown of power transformer?In terms of the place of use, dry-type transformers are mostly used in & ldquo; Fireproof and explosion-proof type & rdquo; It is easy to use in large and medium-sized engineering buildings and multi-storey buildings; The oil immersed transformer because of & ldquo; Accident & rdquo; There is likely to be oil or leakage after fire, and most application places leading to fire accidents are easy to choose in large and medium-sized engineering buildings and multi-storey buildings;Insulation and heat removal are different. Dry type transformers are generally insulated with epoxy resin, cooled by natural air and large capacity by centrifugal fan. Oil immersed transformers are insulated by insulating oil, insulated by insulating oil in the circulating system inside the transformer, and heat is discharged on the radiator (radiator) of the circulating system inside the transformer.

ChakaritaPower transformerPrecautions for protective construction

The iron core of power transformer is made of high-quality crystallized hot-rolled ferrite core, which is stacked at the degree fully inclined multi-step interface. The surface is covered with epoxy resin adhesive cable sheath coating, which is resistant to corrosion and rust,ChakaritaDry type transformer temperature, and has sound insulation and noise reduction.OK or not?,Power transformers are used in all walks of lifeWhen the operating oil is mixed with different types of new oil or used for oil,Chakarita4000 dry type transformer size, in addition to the accurate measurement of the cold filter point of the mixed oil, it is also necessary to carry out high and low temperature test and sludge test,ChakaritaTransformer 2000 KVA, and observe the sludge accumulation. The accumulation cannot be accessed. The results of the operation of the mixing template are not that the original oil is very poor, so it can be managed and used in a mixed manner.Oil leakage of porcelain pot and laminated glass oil level gaugeChakarita,It is generally made due to unreasonable installation or ineffective sealing. Polymer composite materials can bond metal materials, porcelain, laminated glass and other materials very well, so as to achieve the pressure management of oil leakage.Oil immersed transformer companyWhen checking the hook core, the insulation of the electromagnetic coil and the porcelain sleeve is usually accidentally damaged. After the shell of the pottery is broken, if you work again, turn on the photo flash when it's light and it's short when it's heavy. Therefore, please pay attention during maintenance. It is not necessary to destroy the insulation. After maintenance, experts can inspect special tools, parts insulation, etc. and deliver them after they are determined to be complete and reliable.

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