SiboHow much is the cold storageHow to operate during construction

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- Installation of the vertical plate of the cold storage: select the angle first according to the site conditions and locate it (i.e. lock the vertical plate and the floor) to extend to both sides at this angle. Only lock the vertical plate and the vertical plate, and locate it when it meets the vertical angle. Put the beautiful plate in a conspicuous place. When installing it on the side of the evaporator make the drainage pipe in advance,The volume of cold storage the size of cold storage shall be calculated according to the volume occupied by the stacking of goods stored in the cold storage and make U-bend and silica gel outside the storage.Acid disinfectant can be used for mold removal and disinfection of quick-frozen warehouse.Sibo, plus the corridor from row to row, the indoor space between the stack and the wall, and the gap between the ceiling and the packaging room. After determining the volume, the length width ratio of the cold storage shall be determined. When designing the cold storage, necessary auxiliary engineering buildings and equipment should also be considered, such as working intermediate, packaging and combing room, special tool warehouse and loading and unloading platform, so as to ensure the quality of the cold storage.The height of the warehouse, the horizontal and vertical of the warehouse shall be designed according to the refrigeration, refrigeration equipment, transportation and stacking conditions. The selection of insulation board is very important for Guangdong cold storage. At present, the vast majority of cold storage use polyurethane insulation board. What are the characteristics and advantages of polyurethane insulation board?Momostenango,The door of the combined cold storage is not tightly closed. Please adjust the distance between the hinge on the door and the door lock and the storage body.Cold storage plate features: good thermal insulation performance, high strength, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, the machine stops running under the action of the pressure controller. When the heat dissipation is good, press the black reset button on the pressure controller, and the machine can automatically resume operation.With the continuous development of cold chain industry, the construction scale of logistics cold storage is expanding, and the construction quantity is also increasing. According to statistics, at present, the performance growth rate of cold chain is maintained at % ~ %; This leads to the increasing demand for logistics cold storage. In the design of logistics cold storage, people have strengthened the optimization and transformation of the existing cold storage on the basis of the design and construction of the new cold storage, so as to ensure its functions in product freezing, refrigeration, insurance and so on.There should be excellent drainage pipe standard around the warehouse, the soil temperature should be low there should be interlayer under the cold storage, and maintain good natural ventilation. Maintaining dryness is very important for the cold storage. In addition, before the construction of the cold storage, the phase electricity of the relative volume shall be built according to the output power of the refrigeration unit. If the cold storage is water-cooled and radiating, the tap water pipeline shall be paved and the FRP cooling tower shall be built.quality standard,Various construction materials, such as material certificate, test report and stage acceptance record, shall be carried out simultaneously with the project construction, carefully, timely,SiboInstallation of fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping cold storage, accurately and comprehensively reflect the whole process of production and construction and actively cooperate with the owner in design change and technical negotiation.The medical cold storage has been widely used in the industry. For the use of the medical cold storage project, which usually includes two parts: the cold consumption during cargo cooling and refrigeration; It is the cooling consumption of the refrigeration room itself and operation management.

SiboHow much is the cold storageHow to operate during construction

For the flushing (thawing) drainage pipe in the cold room with different temperature the management personnel must be familiar with the operation steps of the medical cold storage project.Reasonable space: the power consumption of the cold storage is calculated according to the cold consumption of the cold storage, an exhaust valve equipment shall be set before connecting the flushing (thawing) drainage pipe.High quality brand,The construction of cold storage in site selection bears the circulation of low-temperature goods. Therefore, the transportation convenience of cold storage construction site should be given priority in site selection, such as proximity to roads, railways, etc. At the same time, the location of the cold storage should avoid large pollution sources and direct sunlight, and the construction of the cold storage should have good drainage and ventilation conditions.After the installation of the controlled atmosphere storage,SiboCold storage installation Cold Storage,SiboFood cold storage installation company, another important finishing work is to purge the whole system. Compressed air will clean out the impurities remaining in the controlled atmosphere storage, which plays a key role in the use of the controlled atmosphere storage.Cold storage construction: which one is suitable for you? Which one is suitable for you?Sibo,We must often use insulation board in our life. It's just the structure of the refrigerator, but the refrigerator, as a in the home, still has some use environment. In the market or marine transportation, the environment of cold storage insulation board is not so optimistic. Professional cold storage installation, cold storage installation, cold storage construction, fruit preservation cold storage, medical cold storage quality assurance. During the preferential activities, new and old customers are welcome to consult. The environmental differences inside and outside the cold storage insulation board are very large, because a large number of items need to be insulated, so the temperature in the cold storage is strict. In such cases, the cold storage insulation board will have relevant problems, Let's understand that the water vapor pressure outside the plate warehouse of the lower cold storage is higher than that inside the warehouse, and the penetration of the envelope is carried out from outside to inside all year round. R gas in polyurethane is replaced by air and water vapor to damp polyurethane. Over time, moisture becomes more and more serious, and even water vapor condensation occurs, resulting in low thermal conductivity and reduced thermal resistance. In order to avoid and delay polyurethane moisture and prolong the service life of the insulation layer, it is effective to seal the hot side of the insulation layer, that is, to form a vapor barrier layer.The equipment is built according to the application requirements of low-temperature distribution. It is reflected in the following points: a low-temperature hall, an electric sliding refrigerated door, an anti-collision flexible seal, and a platform height conditioning equipment (lifting channel) are built to complete & ldquo; Door to door & rdquo; Type loading and unloading operation has become a symbol of modern cold storage.General quick-frozen warehouses are mostly cooled by refrigeration mechanisms, so as to absorb the heat in the warehouse, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling and reduction.

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