San JoseCurved arm lifting platformRelated to the use of the lifting value reel group

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The reduction gearbox, gearbox, as well as the hydraulic oil, are all carried out according to the requirements in the table.Check the relative orientation between the cable support wall and the cable guide frameSan Jose, it is necessary to adjust or replace it. If the elevator bearing is worn, replace the guide wheel or bearingChiquimulilla,With the continuous development of the economy, meeting the needs of society, and increasing productivity, hydraulic cargo elevators play an important role in high-altitude operations. Hydraulic cargo elevators operate up and down, and can provide us with a safe and stable platform. We can provide security for our safety when working at heights.Ensure that the small gear and pressure wheel are securely fastened on the drive base plate, and check the fixing condition of the drive base plate boltsCheck the wear and clearance condition of the guide wheel of the cargo elevator

San JoseCurved arm lifting platformRelated to the use of the lifting value reel group

Check if the usage period of the speed limiter has expired. If it exceeds the usage period, it is necessary to send it to a qualified professional unit for inspection and calibration. What are the functions of the lifting stage device?Jinchuang lifting platform product feature is mainly used for high-altitude cargo transportation between floors. With a load capacity of - tons and a lifting height of - meters, a guide rail elevator, also known as a hydraulic elevator, has low noise which runs smoothly, is convenient for maintenance, and has a long service life. In case of power outage, manual emergency descent can be used, which is safe,San JoseSelf walking sleeve type lifting platform,San JoseAluminum alloy hydraulic lifting platform, convenient, fast, and practical. The pit depth is generally cm-cm, and the top layer height is not affected, The pump station can be customized according to the on-site environment, suitable for - floors of steel structures or concrete factories. Both the internal and external parts can be used. The pump station adopts a joint venture pump station and an imported pump station from Italy. If the speed requirement is too high, a joint venture customized pump station can be used to meet the ideal delivery requirements. The oil cylinder and seals are made of imported components, solving the problem of unstable oil pressure for customers, The leveling effect is good. . The distance between heavy and empty loads is small, and the leveling accuracy is high. . Standard elevator boards, LCD display call boxes, relevant wiring harnesses and connectors are selected. Beautiful appearance, visual display of the position of the elevator car on the floor easy operation, wiring harness connected using connectors, with automatic and manual options.What are the functions of anti rust primer for warehouse cargo elevators?Welcome calls ,Check the safety interlocking equipment of the first cut door of the hanging cageRegarding the construction elevator with counterweight, check the adjustment and fixation status of the counterweight guide wheel. Check the balancing equipment of the steel wire rope, the crown wheel, and the counterweight steel wire rope bracketWeekly maintenance: According to the operation instructions, ensure that the elevator is inspected and smooth every day

San JoseCurved arm lifting platformRelated to the use of the lifting value reel group

Ensure that power cables and electrical circuits are not damagedAnalysis project,San JoseMobile boarding bridge price,Monthly maintenance: View weekly inspection itemsFirstly, it is necessary to start from the source. The current technology is relatively advanced. When manufacturing aluminum alloy lifting platforms, which steel should be chosen for production? Because there are many corrosion-resistant steel materials now, adding chromium, nickel, changing the internal structure of the metal to prevent rust.Regarding the construction elevator with counterweight, check the adjustment and fixation status of the counterweight guide wheel. Check the balancing equipment of the steel wire rope, the crown wheel, and the counterweight steel wire rope bracketSan Jose,There are many operational errors, and due to insufficient understanding of the structure and performance of the machine (especially for new operators), it is easy to cause malfunctions and even mechanical accidents due to operational errors. How to calculate the lifting cargo elevator? A lifting cargo elevator is a heavy lifting mechanical equipment that can manually operate the system's buttons to complete the transportation of goods up and down. The lifting height of the lifting cargo elevator varies from meter to meters, and special specifications of lifting and lowering cargo elevators can be customized according to user requirements According to the type, it can be divided into:; Scissor fork type cargo elevator and guide rail type cargo elevator. Guide rail type elevator is a non scissor fork type cargo elevator, mainly used for the transportation of goods between floors of workshops, steel structure workshops, hotels, rooms, and warehouses without pits or machine rooms. Scissor fork type cargo elevators need to be prepared with pits before installation, and the elevator should be fixed and connected in the pit before being connected to the power supply The lifting cargo elevator utilizes hydraulic power units to generate pressure during operation, which drives the hydraulic oil cylinder as the main power to raise and lower the lifting cargo elevator platform. When a guide rail type hydraulic lifting cargo elevator malfunctions, it can immediately stop running, with high safety and stability. The driving of the hydraulic power unit makes it have strong load-bearing capacity and smooth lifting, which can achieve the transportation of large tonnage goodsThe frequency conversion system circuit of the construction elevator is mainly composed of two parts: the main circuit and the circuit. The main circuit is mainly composed of a construction lifting cargo elevator (hereinafter referred to as the lifting cargo elevator) driven by a more complex rectifier. Before installation, all the eccentric roller shafts of the lifting cage and driving mechanism are loosened or adjusted to a large eccentricity. The lifting cage and driving mechanism are installed in the guide rail frame respectively, and the two are connected. Starting from adjusting the driving mechanism, power on the suspension cage to lift it m above the ground or detach it from the ground buffer spring (or support). The adjustment and sequence are as follows: . Use a special wrench to rotate the lower double (single) pendulum eccentric shaft to adjust the eccentricity to ensure that the installation plate surface of the driving mechanism is perpendicular to the horizontal plane, and ensure that the upper and lower pendulum wheels evenly guide the rails at the same time. Use your hand to move each wheel body and check if it evenly presses the rails; . Use a special wrench to rotate the eccentric shaft of the gear rack back pressure wheel to adjust the side clearance during gear rack meshing. When adjusting use a feeler gauge to measure the side clearance to .; Between .mm, adjust the guide rollers on both sides of the guide rail. The adjustment key is to adjust the guide wheel on one side of the guide rail to lightly press it onto the guide rail. When moving the wheel body by hand each pressing wheel should evenly press on the back of the rack. Move each wheel body by hand to check if it evenly presses against the tooth back. Similarly, it should be possible to rotate but there should be obvious obstruction; The roller on the other side should maintain a clearance of .-. ram with the guide rail; . Adjust the lifting cage according to the above and sequence. If the driving mechanism and the lifting cage are integrated into the lifting cargo elevator, the lifting cage should be adjusted according to the and sequence of adjusting the driving mechanism. Conduct a visual inspection of the operation of each roller, and use the lead pressing method and coloring method to check the meshing of the gear pair; Fine tune pairs of unsatisfactory parts. The key point is to carefully adjust the meshing status of the gear pair: when the spots shown in appear on the surface of the gear rack, it indicates that the driving mechanism is tilted towards the side of the guide rail. At this time, the lower swing wheel (single or double wheel) should be adjusted to move the lower part of the driving mechanism towards the direction of the guide rail until the area of the spots reaches more than % of the surface of the gear rack. The smaller the area, the easier it is to damage the gears and racks.  ?? The supervision unit shall effectively fulfill its safety responsibilities, and if any potential production safety accidents are found, it shall require the installation unit and the user unit to rectify within a specified period of time. If the installation unit and the user unit refuse to rectify, they shall promptly report to the construction unit

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