Thistle33kV power transformerIndustry output growth

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If the above provisions are not met, the problem of dryness shall be solved. Generally, it is OK to operate the centrifugal fan for a period of time. Check the cleanliness of the power transformer. If too much dust is found, it must be eliminated to ensure indoor ventilation and avoid insulation penetration. In particular, pay attention to cleaning the insulators of the power transformer and the top and bottom ends of winding resistance installation. Portable centrifugal fan or dry air compression or N shall be used to clean the dust in indoor space that is not easy to reach, such as ventilation duct, and there shall be no dirt.Turn off the gate valve (butterfly valve) of the left and right tablet computers of the heat pipe radiator to isolate the oil in the heat pipe radiator from the oil in the tank, so as to reduce the working pressure and leakage. After the leakage location is determined, appropriate surface treatment shall be carried out, and then Fushi blue raw materials shall be selected for sealing treatment.Thistle, the performance of dry-type transformer will be more stable. What are the common manufacturing processes and steps of dry-type transformer?Aeroporto della MalpensaThe vibration reduction solution of cable bridge is to modify the hard connection between bus bridge and dry-type transformer, and the vibration reduction solution is made at the cable bridge.In order to better carry out the experiment of power transformer oil it is necessary to sample the power transformer oil. The sampling work should be carried out on a dry sunny day. The commonly used containers and sampling methods during sampling do immediate harm to whether the specific quality of the oil can be truly reflected. The oil sample for AC voltage withstand test shall not be less than .kg, and the oil sample for simplified experiment shall not be less than kg.The insulating layer in the middle of the silicon steel plate is aging, the anchor bolt cover with the iron core is damaged, temperature rise resulting in heat, and the aging of the insulating layer is accelerated. The core insulation compressive strength of power transformer must be measured on time and accurately. If it is found that the insulation compressive strength is less than the index value, please remove and replace the anchor bolt cover or carry out insulation for the copper core cable.

Thistle33kV power transformerIndustry output growth

Operation and maintenance management of oil immersed transformerHow to select dry-type transformerThe power transformer belongs to relatively durable electrical equipment, and we can't neglect it in daily application. The common problems of power transformer conductor, power transformer winding and power transformer tapping power switch are analyzed below:Respect for customers,It will also produce many faults, effectively deal with various faults of oil immersed transformer,ThistlePrefabricated box type transformer substation, make full use of the performance indicators and advantages of oil immersed transformer, and continuously improve the safety factor of oil immersed transformer. Ignition is a common fault of oil immersed transformer. The key fault of oil immersed transformer is short-circuit fault,ThistleDry type transformer technology, and short-circuit fault is more general.After the test, connect the data signal contact of the automobile relay with the alarm circuit, the pull-in contact with the opening circuit, and adjust the overcurrent protection value.The electromagnetic coil is wound with copper power wire or foil and lifted with glass fiber. The epoxy adhesive does not need filling. The vacuum drying equipment is used for degassing and dehumidification. The overall concrete is poured with high fracture toughness, resistance to short-circuit faults, common faults and impact. The work is diligent.

Thistle33kV power transformerIndustry output growth

Power transformer manufacturerQuality assurance,For the leakage that has already occurred, find the leakage point first, which can not be ignored. For the position with serious leakage, shovel or sharp punch can be selected. The leakage point can be riveted with special tools for metal materials. After manipulating the leakage, the treatment surface shall be cleaned and tidy. Polymer composite materials are mostly selected for dry consolidation. After dry consolidation, the goal of long-term treatment of leakage can be achieved.Protection mode for type selection of dry-type test transformerDue to careless transportation of the transformer and the thin high-voltage conductor,ThistleMaximum capacity of box transformer, the transformer was disconnected by vibration (but there was no grounding device).Thistle,Oil leakage of cast iron partsOil leakage of bolt or pipe external threadThe first step of the whole wave process calculation is to calculate the basic parameters of the Internet such as inductance, capacitance and resistor. The accuracy of those basic parameters does great harm to the calculation results of the whole wave process. For the inductance calculation, the good model is the solid model of infinite transformer core column, but there are many calculation methods.

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