FlorinaRefrigerated vegetable and fruit warehouseSuitable methods for industrial construction

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General quick-frozen warehouses are mostly cooled by refrigeration mechanisms, and those with very low gasification temperature are used as coolant to evaporate under low pressure and mechanical conditions, so as to absorb the heat in the warehouse, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling and reduction.The refrigeration equipment in the fresh-keeping environment of the quick-frozen warehouse mostly adopts the single-stage compression refrigeration system, with freon as the refrigerant. The evaporation mode in the warehouse is the cooling fan, which can be ceiling type. If the number of warehouses is small and the volume does not exceed cubic meters, the refrigeration mode of the warehouse machine can be considered. If there are a large number of warehouses, the mode of multiple heads in parallel can be considered.Florina,For the installation of power distribution system, each contact shall be installed with wire number for maintenance.The service life of the cold storage depends on the quality of the refrigeration equipment, but it also has a great relationship with the proper daily management and maintenance after the installation of the cold storage. Many times, people often ignore the latter point. In daily life, as long as we maintain and maintain the cold storage regularly, we can greatly improve the service life of the cold storage and reduce the cost.San Jose del Monte,The overall construction achievements of the cold storage project have been put into use, and the service life can reach years.Families will also be equipped with some simple refrigeration devices. For refrigeration devices such as cold storage, it is very important to select materials with good thermal insulation. Cold storage is a better material selection, and in the production process of cold storage, there will be no condensation in the cold storage of the plant. Condensation inside the cold storage or inside the insulation layer is harmful. Irreversible damage or deformation occurs in the new external insulation, and the external surface temperature of the external wall changes sharply. For example, the insulation and sound insulation effects of polyurethane insulation board are relatively good, which can be used in many industries. As we all know, the cold storage has great requirements for the thermal insulation effect of building materials. If the thermal insulation effect of building materials is not good, the cold storage will consume more energy during operation, and can not guarantee a good refrigeration effect. The performance of polyurethane insulation board meets the construction requirements of cold storage, so a large number of polyurethane insulation boards need to be used in the construction of general cold storage. Next, let's understand the physical properties of polyurethane insulation board.Cold storage board, compressor, and other components in the cold storage can reasonably adjust the evaporation and condensation temperature, so as to improve the reduction of power consumption and reduce the production cost. Professional cold storage installation, installation of cold storage, cold storage construction, fruit preservation cold storage, medical cold storage, quality assurance, timely supply and high cost performance. It has become the preferred brand for many wire products. Welcome to buy! Save more resources.

FlorinaRefrigerated vegetable and fruit warehouseSuitable methods for industrial construction

It will still decrease. The humidification amount will decrease by % at degrees.All equipment connections shall be laid with wire pipes and fixed with clips. PVC wire pipes shall be bonded with glue, and the pipe orifice shall be sealed and wrapped with adhesive tape.What should be considered in building a cold storage? In these aspects, food cold storage is a systematic project of artificial refrigeration to ensure food quality and reduce food decay in a low-temperature environment. Refrigeration technology affects the design of food cold storage, meets the needs of refrigeration technology, convenient production, energy saving and cost reduction. What problems should be considered in the construction of food cold storage?Pursuit of excellence,In the low temperature environment, especially in the periodic freezing and thawing cycle, the building structure is also vulnerable to. Therefore, the building materials of the cold storage and the structure of each part of the cold storage should have sufficient frost resistance.We must often use insulation board in our life. It's just the structure of the refrigerator, still has some use environment. In the market or marine transportation, the environment of cold storage insulation board is not so optimistic. Professional cold storage installation cold storage installation, cold storage construction, fruit preservation cold storage, medical cold storage quality assurance. During the preferential activities, new and old customers are welcome to consult. The environmental differences inside and outside the cold storage insulation board are very large, because a large number of items need to be insulated,FlorinaHow much is it to install a small cold storage, the cold storage insulation board will have relevant problems, Let's understand that the water vapor pressure outside the plate warehouse of the lower cold storage is higher than that inside the warehouse, and the penetration of the envelope is carried out from outside to inside all year round. R gas in polyurethane is replaced by air and water vapor to damp polyurethane. Over time,FlorinaCold storage professional installation which is good, moisture becomes more and more serious, and even water vapor condensation occurs resulting in low thermal conductivity and reduced thermal resistance. In order to avoid and delay polyurethane moisture and prolong the service life of the insulation layer, it is effective to seal the hot side of the insulation layer, that is, to form a vapor barrier layer.Pay attention to the energy saving of the lighting system: the lighting of the cold storage should be considered comprehensively according to the area, height and warehouse temperature of the cold storage on the basis of safety, science and rationality,FlorinaWhich is a good cold storage installation manufacturer, from the perspective of energy saving and environmental protection. The lighting in the cold storage is concentrated in the working area.

FlorinaRefrigerated vegetable and fruit warehouseSuitable methods for industrial construction

Establish a perfect computer network, make the distribution of refrigeration supply chain scientific, the United States and Japan all members of the food supply chain have the legal responsibility to implement traceability.target,When outdoor air enters the cold storage body, it will not only increase the cold consumption of the cold storage, but also bring water into the warehouse. The condensation of water will lead to the building structure, especially the heat insulation structure, being damaged by moisture and freezing. Therefore, a moisture-proof and heat insulation layer should be set to keep the cold storage board building moisture-proof and air-proof performance and good sealing.The three-dimensional automatic cold storage adopts computer, which can complete the loading and unloading, stacking, storage temperature and refrigeration equipment operation of the cold storage.The selection of equipment for the construction of equipment cold storage is closely related to the size, type and budget of the cold storage.Florina,Cork board: cork board can be said to be a relatively primitive kind of cold storage. The thermal conductivity of cork board is relatively low, and it is easy to obtain, so it is not difficult to process, so it is generally used as the insulation board in some ordinary cold storage. If you want to pursue better thermal insulation performance, you have to look at the following materials.Requirements for the cold storage time of the device: the cold storage of the refrigeration system using ammonia as refrigerant shall be supported in the place with low population density around.Installation of cold storage, construction of cold storage, fruit preservation cold storage and medical cold storage have stable safe, reliable and maintenance free performance. The technical level has reached the domestic level and the advanced level of similar international products. If there is a large amount of ice and water, it must be cleaned in time, and it must not be knocked during cleaning so as not to damage the ground and affect the service life of the cold storage.

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In anticipation, I finally waited for my beloved FlorinaRefrigerated vegetable and fruit warehouse, I wish the boss a prosperous business and wealth!

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One word! ! value! ! ! The service attitude is really good, FlorinaRefrigerated vegetable and fruit warehouse delivery is fast. The quality of the goods is also quite good. I like it so much, thank you.

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A good seller, even a novice, a lot of FlorinaRefrigerated vegetable and fruit warehouse don’t understand. Fortunately, the seller has patient guidance on the other end of the computer, and I have a sense of accomplishment, and finally figured out the problem that I didn’t understand.^- ^Learn more in the future!

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It's worthy of praise, really good, FlorinaRefrigerated vegetable and fruit warehouse I like it very much.

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FlorinaRefrigerated vegetable and fruit warehouse Very good, good quality and low price, express delivery is also fast, and inspection is also very standard.
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