IbisMedical cold storageHeating problem solution

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Quick freezing storehouse is widely used. There are many kinds of temperature in quick freezing storehouse, and multi temperature or double temperature can be realized to meet the needs of different customers. Fault phenomena: unit current is large and voltage is too low; Loose wiring; The unit pressure exceeds the rated pressure; The oil separation core is blocked; Device failure; Host failure; Main motor fault; Fault phenomenon: the unit cannot be started and the fuse is broken; The temperature switch is broken; Loose wiring; Thermal relay of main motor acts; The thermal relay of cold storage fan motor acts; The transformer is broken; No power input (unit); Failure not eliminated (unit); The actuator is faulty.It is required to set up a special tally room (area), and the temperature of the tally area is usually controlled at ~ + ℃.Ibis,The selection of refrigeration unit is carried out in the refrigeration equipment of cold storage. According to the heat consumption of production scale and considering the necessary conditions of main refrigeration parameters, the number and total number of refrigeration units and cold storage mechanical equipment are equipped.It is equipped with temperature compensation to automatically adjust the water temperature. The water temperature of ultrasonic atomization is - degrees. If our humidifier is connected with the warehouse, there is no temperature compensation, even in the work, the water temperature is lowAllahabad,Floor insulation of small cold storage the structure of small cold storage is usually called surface, that is, the top, wall and ground are made of color steel plate / stainless steel with appropriate thickness of polyurethane and other insulation materials, because the loading and unloading of small cold storage is often handled manually rather than forklift. Of course,IbisHow much does it cost to install the cold storage, if the height of the warehouse is high and the forklift is required for warehousing, loading and unloading, the insulation board is not recommended for ground insulation, professional cold storage installation, installation of cold storage, cold storage construction, fruit preservation cold storage, medical cold storage, excellent quality and low price, fire resistance - Waterproof - high temperature resistance, strong and durable, safe and reliable, and maintain the operation rate of the compressor.General quick-frozen warehouses are mostly cooled by refrigeration mechanisms, and those with very low gasification temperature are used as coolant to evaporate under low pressure and mechanical conditions, so as to absorb the heat in the warehouse, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling and reduction.

IbisMedical cold storageHeating problem solution

The selection of cold storage is very important for cold storage, because cold storage is different from ordinary cold storage. The temperature in cold storage is usually low, and the air temperature humidity and environmental requirements are relatively high. When selecting cold storage, attention must be paid to the selection of cold storage with better temperature. If the selection of cold storage is not good, the temperature in the cold storage is difficult to, which is easy to cause the deterioration of products in the cold storage, or the refrigeration compressor in the cold storage often works, wasting more resources and increasing the cost.The tightness of water valve and brine valve, the replacement of sealing ring, the flexibility of valve, and disassembly and cleaning if necessary.Pay attention to the energy saving of the lighting system: the lighting of the cold storage should be considered comprehensively according to the area, height and warehouse temperature of the cold storage on the basis of safety, science and rationality,IbisEnergy saving design of cold storage, from the perspective of energy saving and environmental protection. The lighting in the cold storage is concentrated in the working area.Statistics,During the early operation of the refrigeration unit, carefully observe the oil return of the compressor and keep it clean. If it is found that the oil level is not clean enough or the oil level drops, replace it with new oil in time, so as to avoid bad compressor and reduce the service life of the compressor.Disadvantages of single-layer cold storage: large; The surface area of the external enclosure structure of the cold storage is large, so the amount of thermal insulation materials is large, and the dry consumption of cold food is also large; For the low-temperature warehouse, the floor anti freezing treatment requires a large amount of work. When the cold storage is built at the water level it is impossible to deal with it, which is easy to cause horizontal freezing and swelling.Acid disinfectant can be used for mold removal and disinfection of quick-frozen warehouse.

IbisMedical cold storageHeating problem solution

Whether the parameters of refrigeration equipment are consistent. When the cold storage leaves the factory, the temperature and temperature difference parameters of the cold storage shall be customized according to the user's requirements. After understanding the technical parameters of the cold storage, set the parameters on the refrigerator. During use, the air humidity is high and the defrosting interval is long. The common cold storage boards of cold storage include mm, mm, mm, mm and mm polyurethane thermal insulation boards, color steel tiles, stainless steel plates, salt thick steel plates, embossed aluminum plates, polyurethane spraying, etc. on both sides or single and double sides, more general color steel tiles are produced and processed into hidden grooves, which have light weight, high compressive strength, good fire resistance corrosion resistance and aging resistance, and is a wide range of raw materials selected for the heat insulation and heat preservation of the cold storage. The cost of stainless steel plate and salt plate increases, and it is also easy to deform and damage the appearance.Latest consultation,How to maintain the refrigeration compressor in the cold storage in order to prolong its service life and reduce the occurrence of faults in the use process. The refrigeration compressor in the cold storage needs regular maintenance. Here we introduce the maintenance of the compressor in the cold storage.Less spare parts,IbisDesign cold storage installation, less vulnerable parts, high reliability, stable and safe operation and low vibration; The efficiency of partial load is high, so it is not easy to have liquid hammer and is not sensitive to liquid hammer; It has the characteristics of gas transmission and strong adaptability to working conditions; Stepless adjustment is available.Cold storage design steps: selection and preparation of cold storage location. According to the application characteristics, cold storage can be divided into sexual cold storage, retail cold storage and large-scale cold storage. When large-scale cold storage starts to build a planting area with more centralized hand supply, especially in the periodic freezing and thawing cycleIn the low temperature environment, the building structure is also vulnerable to. Therefore, the building materials of the cold storage and the structure of each part of the cold storage should have sufficient frost resistance.The ground insulation of small, medium and large cold storage is different, which is closely related to the purpose, storage products and size of cold storage. Kuhua refrigeration reminds: ground insulation must be done, otherwise the temperature in the cold storage often fluctuates frequently due to poor insulation performance, which affects the quality of stored goods. So, what is the difference between the ground insulation of small, descaling and air discharge: when there is a .mm thick oil film in the evaporator coil, in order to maintain the set temperature requirements, the evaporation temperature will decrease by ℃ and the power consumption will increase by more than ; When the scale on the water pipe wall in the condenser reaches mm the condensation temperature will rise by ℃ compared with the original temperature, and the power consumption will increase. When the refrigeration system is mixed with non condensable gas and its partial pressure reaches .mpa, the power consumption will increase by about . It can be seen that it is cold

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