San PedroCold storageThe excitation and cutting of has its particularity

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Installation of refrigeration equipment. The refrigeration system of the cold storage includes evaporator and units outside the cold storage. All equipment shall be installed in accordance with the construction specifications, and corresponding protection measures shall be taken for the installed equipment.A large number of personnel are not allowed to select goods in the warehouse. Close the warehouse door in time. When the warehouse door is opened, pay attention to whether the air curtain is opened or the door curtain is placed properly. Turn off the lights when leaving the warehouse.San Pedro,The fresh-keeping storehouse is generally composed of maintenance structure and refrigeration equipment. It is mostly cooled by compressor, and the gasification temperature is very low as coolant, so that it can evaporate under low pressure and mechanical conditions, and absorb the heat in the storage warehouse, so as to achieveThe water tank is designed to be separated from the machine body and is double-layer. It will not drip due to condensation caused by internal and external temperature difference. It can be interlocked with the refrigeration system, that is, it will not be humidified during refrigeration to prevent serious frosting of the fan.Heerenveen,. Maintenance of food cold storage. In a position convenient for operation outside the door of the refrigerator room, a main switch for cutting off the power supply of the refrigeration compressor shall be set. This switch shall be able to stop the operation of the refrigeration compressor, and relevant signs shall be set. If the mechanical panel is set in the main room, a button switch shall be added next to each refrigeration compressor.The cold storage board uses light polyurethane as the inner material of the cold storage board. The advantage of polyurethane is that the thermal insulation performance is very good. The exterior of polyurethane cold storage board is composed of SII, PVC color steel plate and stainless steel plate. The advantage of this is to prevent the temperature transmission of cold storage board due to large internal and external temperature difference, so as to make the cold storage more energy-saving and improve the working efficiency of cold storage.Installation of unit electrical box: the unit electrical box shall be installed near the unit; Vertical installation. If the unit is installed on the top of the warehouse, the distance between the box bottom and the top of the warehouse must be & amp; gt; mm; The electrical box can be fixed on the building wall or on the angle steel frame.

San PedroCold storageThe excitation and cutting of has its particularity

Step of cold storage design: define the volume of the cold storage warehouse. The size of the cold storage should be based on the design of a large number of agricultural products to be stored for a long time. This volume is calculated based on the essential volume of stored goods accumulated in the cold storage, plus the row to row corridors, the indoor space between the pile and the wall, the ceiling and the gap of the packaging house. After the volume of the cold storage is determined, the length and height width ratio of the cold storage shall be determined. Necessary auxiliary engineering buildings and equipment shall also be considered in the design of cold storage, such as working intermediate, packaging and combing room, special tool warehouse, loading and unloading platform, but also be economical and practical. The thermal insulation materials are divided into several types. One is the plate processed into fixed shape and specification which should not only have good thermal insulation performance, with fixed length width and thickness. The plate of corresponding specification can be selected according to the installation needs of the controlled atmosphere storage. The cm thick plate is generally selected for the medium temperature controlled atmosphere storage, cm or cm thick plates are generally selected for low-temperature controlled atmosphere storage and frozen controlled atmosphere storage. The other can be sprayed with polyurethane for foaming, and the materials can be directly sprayed into the built brick or concrete warehouse. After setting, it is moisture-proof and heat-insulating. The heat-insulating material plates include polyurethane, polyphenylene grease, etc. Polyurethane does not absorb water and has good heat insulation. It is a long-term cold storage installation, installation, construction, fruit preservation and medical cold storage. Welcome to consult. But the cost is low; Polyphenylene resin has strong water absorption and poor thermal insulation, but the cost is low. The structure of modern controlled atmosphere storage is developing towards assembly, and the storage components including moisture-proof layer and thermal insulation layer are made to achieve on-site assembly. The point is that the construction is convenient, fast and movable, but the cost is relatively high.Large space rate of quick-frozen warehouse: for quick-frozen warehouses of the same size, reasonable design schemes store more goods than unreasonable ones. For the fixed size quick freezing warehouse, how to design it to maximize its space rate is often an important problem considered by our designers. In the design scheme of Lukang medical quick-frozen warehouse, which increases the space a lot.index,According to the size and nature of the cold storage area and in combination with local regulations, the construction form of food cold storage warehouse is to determine the plane layout based on the site, whether it is a single-layer or double-layer warehouse, and the structure is the selection of steel structure or reinforcement solidification. Cold storage capacity, production process, refrigeration, product stacking, temperature, so that it can become a whole.Generally, in the actual operation of the refrigeration system, because the temperature conditions are constantly changing, only by relying on the careful operation of the cold storage management personnel and accurately adjusting the operation of the refrigeration equipment of the cold storage, can the refrigeration system always be in the ideal working state and achieve the effect of energy saving.Another reason is that there are many refrigerants in the system. In this case, focus on the connection of each pipeline and valve, repair the found part, and then fill in sufficient refrigerant.

San PedroCold storageThe excitation and cutting of has its particularity

Reasonable space: the power consumption of the cold storage is calculated according to the cold consumption of the cold storage, which usually includes two parts: the cold consumption during cargo cooling and refrigeration; It is the cooling consumption of the refrigeration room itself and operation,Stretch perlite: stretch perlite is a kind of granular material with porous layout. The gap in it blocks out the heat. Professional cold storage installation, cold storage installation, cold storage construction, fruit fresh-keeping cold storage, medical cold storage, strict testing, quality assurance. Preferential activities are in progress. Welcome to consult. It has a good heat insulation effect. Then, the water vapor in the cold storage is easy to condense and the water absorption of extensional perlite is particularly strong. If it absorbs a lot of water, its nature will be greatly reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful to select extensional perlite as cold storage.When adjusting the station each outlet pipe shall be sawn into a degree inclined mouth to the bottom, and the inlet pipe shall be points of the pipe diameter of the adjusting station.Immediate cooling is to install the condenser of the cold storage in the box or building of the cooling equipment,San PedroLow temperature cold storage installation works, use the volatilization of the refrigerant to immediately cool the air in the air, and use the cold air to cool the objects that need to be cooled. This kind of refrigeration is characterized by faster cooling speed, small heat conduction temperature difference and simple system software, so it is widely used.San Pedro, and there shall be no joint in the middle. The junction of polyurethane insulation board, top plate and ground shall be made into fillet arc for transition,San PedroCold storage frozen products, which can well meet the health needs.The foundation of cold storage is affected by low temperature, the ground will be broken and the whole building structure will be deformed. If the damage is serious, it may even make the cold storage unusable. Therefore, in addition to the thermal insulation layer, the floor of low-temperature cold storage must be treated under the thermal insulation layer to prevent soil freezing. The bottom plate of the cold storage shall stack a large number of goods and pass through various loading,San PedroFruit and vegetable cold storage, unloading and transportation machinery and equipment. Therefore, the structure of the cold storage plate shall be firm and have large bearing capacity. In low temperature environment, especially in the process of periodic freezing and thawing cycle, building structures are vulnerable to. Therefore, the structure of each part of the cold storage and the building materials of the cold storage should have sufficient frost resistance.If there is more air or refrigerant oil in the evaporator the heat transfer effect will be reduced: once more refrigerant oil is attached to the inner surface of the evaporator heat transfer tube, the heat transfer coefficient will be reduced. Similarly, if there is more air in the heat transfer tube, the heat exchange area of the evaporator will be reduced, the heat transfer efficiency will be significantly reduced, and the decline rate of warehouse temperature will be slowed down.

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