Chenandega1200kva power transformerThe problem of being damaged

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Oil immersed transformer companyDry type transformerChenandega,Once the insulation material of electrical equipment is overheated,ChenandegaBox transformer 500, the surrounding gas will cause a kind of odor. This kind of odor can be sniffed out by normal patrol staff. When you smell such odor during normal inspection, you should carefully inspect the equipment and parts until you find out the cause.Naturally, if the oil immersed transformer catches fire, please don't panic. I firmly believe that the damage will be reduced to a lower level as long as the above methods are effectively rectified. Above is the general process and process that should be paid special attention to in the whole ignition process of the oil immersed transformer. When the oil immersed transformer catches fire, please be rational to make the oil immersed transformer safer and more efficient.Zuwarah,The clock expression is used to indicate the phase difference correlation of the working voltage of the secondary side line. The phasor of the working voltage of the primary side line is used as the minute hand, the fixed finger is at o'clock, the power transformer will be transported and sent to the power consuming machines and equipment. What is the zero line of the actual power transformer? Let's introduce it to us.For oil transformer oil replenishment, unused transformer oil conforming to the new standard should be selected first. In addition, the oil with the same basic,ChenandegaMaintenance specification for box type transformer, there is generally no problem. However, if there is more new remaining oil, oil shall be added before oil type Chromatographic analysis and pressure test shall be carried out to establish that there is no oil stain, and the acid value and dielectric loss shall not exceed the oil in the machinery and equipment.When the transformer is put into operation, if the tap changer is not in time, a great & ldquo; Tweet & rdquo; The high-voltage fuse is broken when the noise is serious; If the tap changer is defective, it will cause mild & ldquo; Squeak & rdquo; Corona discharge sound, once the load increases, it is likely to burn the circuit breaker of the tap changer. In case of such situation, power off immediately for maintenance.where,The project cost is different. Compared with the purchase price of capacity transformer, the purchase price of dry-type transformer is much higher than that of oil immersed transformer.Sound insulation treatment of main engine room the key to sound insulation treatment of dry-type transformer room is to start from three levels: window ventilation and air exchange port and road surface, and apply sound insulation window silencing cylinder, floating concrete floor damping pad and other sound insulation and noise reduction commodities to achieve sound insulation effect.Oil leakage of cast iron parts

Chenandega1200kva power transformerThe problem of being damaged

How to reduce the failure of dry-type transformer?Supply chain quality management,The zero line is mainly used in the working circuit. The voltage caused by the zero line is equivalent to the line resistance multiplied by the current of the working circuit. Because of the distance, the voltage caused by the zero line can not be ignored. As a countermeasure to maintain life safety, it is more and more unreliable. Ground wire (PE): it is not used as a working circuit, but only as a maintenance line. Use the affirmation of the earth & ldquo; ” Voltage. When the machine and equipment casing is electrified, the current will be quickly grounded. Even if there is a lead for the PE line, it will be grounded from the surrounding grounding body.The secondary inductive equipment of the distribution station (such as transformer, voltage transformer,ChenandegaHigh power oil immersed regulator, automobile relay, AC, etc.) operates normally. According to the AC current, the winding transformer core will send out a symmetrical rhythm and a certain tone & ldquo; Buzz, buzz & rdquo; Sound. The operation staff of the transformer manufacturer should understand and grasp the characteristics of the noise. When the equipment has common faults, there will be noise and even & ldquo; Crackle & rdquo; The charging and discharging sound can distinguish the generation and characteristics of common equipment faults according to the music law and sound transformation when everything is normal and abnormal.The voltage regulating tap changer is not in place or poorChenandega,If the oil immersed transformer is burned by the cover of the transformer, when the oil immersed transformer fails, open the lower side of the transformer and place an appropriate part. When the oil immersed transformer is on fire, the oil cannot be released to avoid the occurrence of the oil immersed transformer. At the same time, the fire brigade must be notified.Careless maintenance and insulation damageThe key reason for oil leakage is that there are defects in cast iron parts

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