CinotraInstall a cold storage installationHow to check before use

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Regular oil discharge descaling and air discharge: when there is a .mm thick oil film in the evaporator coil, in order to maintain the set temperature requirements, the evaporation temperature will decrease by ℃ and the power consumption will increase by more than ; When the scale on the water pipe wall in the condenser reaches mm, the condensation temperature will rise by ℃ compared with the original temperature, the power consumption will increase by about . It can be seen that it is coldThe insulation board of the cold storage adopts polyurethane double-sided color steel plate. The main effect of this cold storage insulation board is good sealing performance, insulation effect and moisture-proof effect, so as to ensure the refrigeration effect of the cold storage. The electric cold storage door is adopted for the cold storage door, and the cold storage management personnel can timely and effectively open and close the door when entering and leaving, so as to avoid the loss of refrigeration capacity of the cold storage.Cinotra,Wires should not be in the open air to avoid long-term sun exposure and wind blowing, wire skin aging, long-term cold storage installation,CinotraInstallation price of large cold storage, installation of cold storage, cold storage construction, fruit preservation cold storage medical cold storage without turnover, so as to avoid price difference,CinotraFruit preservation warehouse,CinotraQuotation for cold storage equipment installation, and the price is % higher than the market price! The price of more than one ton is higher! Short circuit leakage, the span between the top storage plate supports (lifting points) shall comply with the following provisions: the polystyrene top storage plate (mm thick) has a very large span of M etc.In order to ensure the safety of construction and cold storage operation, and the polyurethane top storage plate (mm thick) has a span of m.rafah ,In the low temperature environment, especially in the periodic freezing and thawing cycle, which can effectively meet the refrigeration capacity of the refrigerator and ensure the refrigeration effect of the refrigerator. The refrigerator lamp adopts the special LED energy-saving lamp for the refrigerator, which has the advantages of low temperature resistance, low energy consumption and long service time, It can effectively save the operation cost of cold storage.Watertight polyurethane rigid foam has low water absorption, good permeability to water vapor, and state of foam pores. It is not connected with each other, and the obturator rate is more than %. It is a dense microporous foam material, which is more dense than the surface of the air, and is not easy to permeate. It is an hydrophobic material.

CinotraInstall a cold storage installationHow to check before use

The ground insulation of small, medium and large cold storage is different, which is closely related to the purpose, storage products and size of cold storage. Kuhua refrigeration reminds: ground insulation must be done, otherwise the temperature in the cold storage often fluctuates frequently due to poor insulation performance, which affects the quality of stored goods. So, what is the difference between the ground insulation of small, medium and large cold storage? How to do better?Another point is the ground maintenance measures in the wholesale of large fresh-keeping warehouses., Because the wholesale floor of large-scale prefabricated fresh-keeping warehouse is also a thermal insulation board there will be a lot of ice on the ground in the process of use, so when cleaning these ice layers, you should pay attention not to beat them with a hammer or shovel, because it will damage the thermal insulation board on the ground. If the thermal insulation board is damaged, it will affect the thermal insulation performance of the wholesale of fresh-keeping warehouse.The refrigerant charge is insufficient. At this time, just add enough refrigerant.assets,Strong deformation resistance, not easy to crack, smooth, stable and safe. Polyurethane material has stable porosity structure and basically closed pore structure. It not only has excellent thermal insulation performance, but also has good freeze-thaw resistance and sound absorption performance. Under normal service and maintenance conditions, the life expectancy of rigid foam polyurethane insulation can reach more than years. During the structural life period, it can reach the unit price of dry, wet or electric corrosion under normal service conditions, while the unit price of insect, fungus or algae foam material is higher than other traditional insulation materials, but heating will increase the cost and the cooling cost will be greatly reduced.When hot ammonia defrosting or electric defrosting is selected as the cooling fan, professional cold storage installation, cold storage installation, cold storage construction, fruit preservation cold storage, medical cold storage, safety, environmental protection and economy! The products are exported to foreign countries and are deeply trusted. Defrosting and drainage can be discharged immediately. Electric heat tracing and insulation can be selected for the defrosting and drainage pipeline of the warehouse location.For cold storage, it is very common in our production and life. Cold storage is very important for food freezing and preservation, but its energy consumption is very large in the use of cold storage. How can we solve this problem?

CinotraInstall a cold storage installationHow to check before use

Large space rate of quick-frozen warehouse: for quick-frozen warehouses of the same size, reasonable design schemes store more goods than unreasonable ones. For the fixed size quick freezing warehouse, how to design it to maximize its space rate is often an important problem considered by our designers. In the design scheme of Lukang medical quick-frozen warehouse, we reasonably designed to expand the original storage capacity of boxes to boxes, which increases the space a lot.Recommendation and consultation,As a coolant, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling.If the warehouse is relatively small and you want to transform a miniature fruit fresh-keeping warehouse, you should ensure that the height in the warehouse is at least meters, because the top of the cold storage and the top of the warehouse should reserve a height of at least cm.When installing the polyurethane insulation board, the adhesion between the panel of the polyurethane insulation board and the thermal insulation material is short and often high.Cinotra, the quick-frozen warehouse increases the regulation of gas composition, inhibits the respiration of fruits and vegetables, delays their metabolic process, better maintains the freshness and commercial quality of fruits and vegetables, and prolongs the storage period and shelf life of fruits and vegetables. Generally, controlled atmosphere storage of fruits can prolong the storage period by & mdash; Three times or more. OK, what is the standard of quick freezing warehouse?During the cold storage commissioning, special personnel shall be assigned to ensure that the surface of the cold storage plate shall reflect evenly without condensation and cold running; Sealing conditions of joints and holes; Whether the warehouse door and delivery port are not tightly sealed, and timely deal with the problems of insulation and seal failure such as degumming and air leakage.

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